Machines of Disquiet (2014-), Luís Lucas Pereira

Machines of Disquiet has been developed in the context of an ongoing research project whose goal is to create a Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet [Livro do Desassossego – LdoD], an unfinished work written by Fernando Pessoa between 1913 and 1935. Machines of Disquiet is the name chosen for a number of experimental applications for mobile devices (iOS and Android) that aim to provide reading and aesthetic experiences based on the text of the Book of Disquiet. Every application is an attempt to find a new setting for experiencing LdoD as sensitive matter (i.e. matter experienced in different modalities – text, drawing, sound, image, motion) and explores the expressive potential of this type of devices, particularly in terms of interface (e.g. multi-touch interactions and motion sensors).