Statement #5

  1. “The Writing on the Wall”

“The writing on the wall”, or “the writing is on the wall”, is an idiom often used to describe an unfortunate event that, though fairly predictable, seems impossible to counteract. Omens were clear but nothing was done to avert the situation. If only they could interpret the message written on the wall… Taken from the Book of Daniel, this expression refers to the story of the premonitory statement “Mene mene tekel upharsin”. This inscription, written by a disembodied hand, foretold the downfall of Babylon but was regarded as meaningless. Notwithstanding, if close attention is paid, the writing on the wall can reveal underlying messages. This projection wall plays with an idea of spectres of meaning and frustrated expectations, featuring digital literary texts that, unlike the trend toward interactivity, require little or no physical interaction. Most of all, even though their message may be unclear, they require our attention and intervention.